Handmade bird, Christmas wallpapers and final giveaway reminder

By Christy Amular - November 22, 2009

I can't wait to hold this handmade bird in my hand! I won this sweet, festive ornament from Minori Design's Thank You Giveaway. Thank you Theresia! I totally adore this little birdie and it will have a special place in my Christmas tree.

Theresia happens to be a talented artist! Check out her blog and her official website for her artful softies, designs and crafts. Her handiwork has been featured in a lot of US/UK craft magazines, blogs and publications and also in ETSY where she has a beautiful shop Strawberries and Cream. Be sure to bookmark her shop and grab one (or all) of her beautiful Christmas ornaments!

Meanwhile, add a sprinkle of holiday magic to your desktop with these enchanting holiday wallpapers from Wallcoo. They are superbly crystal clear in high resolution format and they fit any screen size. I love the White Christmas, Fancy Christmas Color and Sweet Home Christmas Baubles (so very zakka).

The Sponsor Giveaway from The Rice Babies ends in a few hours! Hurry and drop your name in the hat while there's still time! For U.S./Canadian readers, check out the special giveaway and shop offer from Toys and Games Online. Enjoy the weekend and whatever is left of it! Have a great week ahead.

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