Sweet Tidings ETSY-Stocking stuffers and more!

By Christy Amular - November 25, 2009

I had a wonderful first month at ETSY! A few items from The Sweet Tidings Shop managed to get into the Front Page, ETSY Treasuries, gift guide and even in The Storque all in one month! I am ever so grateful for that experience. Not only that, stuff actually flew off the shelf bit by bit. Now if only I have a few extra tentacles and a gnome assistant, I can probably re-stock the shop with handmade goodies before the Christmas shipping deadline looms on Dec 1. But hey, a few uncommon finds will make their way to The Natural Home category of the shop tomorrow or Friday. These are sensibly priced, sweet eco friendly finds to love and treasure and even pass on to future generations. They are good for the soul, good for the home.

Also check out the Free Shipping section of the shop and the holiday shipping sked. Thank you so much for looking.

Meanwhile, see who just got a name change! It's Itti-bitty and Pretty (Formerly I Can't Sew Creations). To celebrate Rosie's newfound love with the sewing machine (she used to hate it) and her brand spanking new name, she's having a blog giveaway! Check out her other blog Agapanthas & Goldworthy to enter her cute giveaway. Tell the lovely Rosie I sent you.

Rosie's giveaway treats

If you live in the U.S./Canada, hope you have entered the Toys and Games Online Shop Guide and Giveaway. International readers are all welcome to enter this week's sponsor giveaway from ETSY shop Made for You by Mrs. Woo .

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