Merry Christmas desktop wallpapers

By Christy Amular - December 15, 2009

Beautiful, wintry Christmas wallpapers for your desktop. :)
Edit: I had to remove the link. The site was hijacked by some very porn-y aliens! Eeekk! My apologies.

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  1. Tee Hee... the link umm isn't SFW. lol

    I love the picture of the village though. I also snagged the one in the link of Santa flying over the trees.

  2. Don't click on the link. Very porn!

  3. Ho Ho Ho ... have I got a surprise for you!

    Oh dear naughty Santa! Your hijacked link did make me laugh though .... not quite what I was expecting!

  4. that's too funny Christy! thanks for the laugh!


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