Cuddly softies to sew from Jojoebi Designs

By Christy Amular - February 11, 2010


I sewed this fun little softie over the weekend using Jojoebi Designs' adorable Sky Waffle-Snort pattern. What's a Waffle Snort you ask?
Waffle-snorts are happy little creatures which live in Japanese nashi (pear) orchards. They are soft and cuddly and love to play tricks. You will never come across a grumpy waffle-snort, grumpy is simply not in their vocabulary.   
I made my Waffle Snort out of flannel fabric. He makes a wonderful bedtime cuddlekin. When enlarged, this softie makes a nice decorative throw pillow for  children's rooms and playpens. Check out all the other cool, unique softie patterns from the shop too.
Jojoebi is also taking part in  Celebrate the Boy, a month long sewing and crafting marathon geared specifically for little boys. Jo is a wonderful, devoted mum to an adorable little boy and if you visit her blog, you will be treated to a wonderful array of Montesorri learning resources, downloads and of course everyday craftiness and sewing fun.  
If you are taking part in this event, you would be delighted to know that Jo's ETSY shop is filled with fabrics carefully selected for little boys sewing projects. For the rest of February all boys items, fabrics and handmade goods will be 10% off. All of these items are marked with SALE in the title. Jo will refund the 10%  discount on these items through Paypal once payment is received.
By the way, the valentine sponsor giveaway from Tea and Ceremony ends midnight tonight. There's still time to enter! 

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  1. I know a little boy who would love that!

  2. thank you Christy, the waffle-snort looks great in white!


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