Fashion Flat Sketchpad

By Christy Amular - February 24, 2010

fashion flat sketchpad

Fashion design students or any fashion design enthusiast would adore this Fashion Sketch Pad from M&J Trimming. The Fashion Flat Sketchpad features an industry standard front and back female croquis on every page. You can draw your  design and concepts right onto the page of your pad and then photocopy or scan your design, the croquis will not scan or copy eliminating the need for a light box or tracing paper. Brilliant isn't it? 

Check out the  DIY video tutorial on the M&J Blog on how this fashion sketch pad works.

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  1. My doughter will love this! Thanks for the tip!

  2. This is amazing! Totally on my wishlist :D

  3. This is so cool! I am not a fashion designer, but if I were, I would use this everyday!

  4. brilliant indeed! a must add to my ever growing wish list :)

  5. How nifty! I gotta show my friend who is a costume designer!

    ~ Kristen

  6. I love this!
    And your new banner looks lovely x

  7. Christy, thank you oh so much!
    I will show this to my daughter Sophie, she is having some problem with sketching a model, so this might be very helpful to her.
    She is in her last year in College doing Textile Art study.
    Have a beautiful weekend and thank so much for always stopping by my place and your lovely comments on my work.
    big hugs to you xxxxxxxxxx

  8. Hi Christy, Tamar from Hokey Croquis.

    Thanks for mentioning our sketchpads on your blog!


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