Tilda's Summer Ideas and more

By Christy - February 17, 2010

I received this lovely booklet, Tilda's Summer Ideas from a darling friend today. Isn't Tilda's booklet so beautiful and isn't my friend just the most wonderful? There are kitchen  and flower garden angels, radishes, summer garlands and even Swedish Dala horses to make. Oh my, this should keep me busy, busy, busy for a while!

The spring issue of Cath Kidston Magazine has also arrived! I hope you have ordered your free copy too. If not, you can browse the online version of the magazine here. I love all the visual inspiration in this issue.

I have also updated my ETSY gift shop. It's been light years since I've added anything to the shop. I'll be adding more spring-y gift items in the days to come.

Check out the Yozo Craft Valentine Sponsor Giveaway too. There will be 5 winners to be drawn. Have a happy Wednesday!

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  1. Tilda products are so popular here. I really like their patterns and fabrics, and the way they mix together. Happy Wednesday, dear!

  2. Oooh I love Tilda , can't wait to see what you create !

  3. How pretty - I love those fabrics!

  4. ooh LOVE it!
    Tilda's so cute and pretty, I really like their fabrics!

    Thanks for sharing and have a lovely day!


  5. Oooh, the summer ideas book looks yummy!

  6. Hi, Im glad I found your blog, I would love to follow you, do you have followers?

    Have a great day.

  7. If have the Sew Pretty Christmas book by her and it's just phenomenal! Now I need to find out where I can get that little booklet...

  8. Hello !,itñs beautifull.

    I´am from Spain !!, Your Blog is too Cute !!!

    see You !!

  9. Hola, muchas gracias por pasarte por mi blog y dejar un comentario,¡me encanta recibir visitas en DianiDi! jeje.¡Qué ilusión!

    Yo visito mucho el tuyo, me gustan tus fotos y tu estilo.


  10. A lovely post, Christy. I love all the Tilda things. Enjoyed looking through the Cath Kidston magazine. Thanks x

  11. OOOOOO lucky you!! I am still waiting for my pre order copy from amazon.... I love Tone She is such an inspiration and her books make it so easy too follow..

  12. How inspiring, I love those radishes!

  13. Lovely gift! I really like the Tilda style. Have fun crafting, and do please share what you've made!

  14. I am addicted to Tilda!!! I have made several things and have them sitting around in my house. Always look forward to the books. I am also patiently waiting for my book from Amazon.


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