Mosaic Monday: You are Beautiful

1. Spring Pastels, 2. Irresistible lightness of living, 3. Whispering Ruffles, 4. powdered damask, 5. Double exposure mood (pastel cosmos), 6. Jubilant, 7. Whispery White Flowers on Worn Linen, 8. Fragrance, 9. Timeless

Happy International Women's Day!


  1. How gorgeous. Goes well with the weather we've been having this past week. x

  2. What a lovely collection , Happy Womens Day to you too !

  3. How pretty are these pictures. So sweet!
    Like being in a relaxing heaven!
    Thank you for coming over and leaving me a lovely message. Guess whay? We have sun here today. yeah!

    Hope you have a great week!



  4. I love the colours in this selection of images.

    Happy Womens's Day to you too!

  5. And a happy Women's day to you, dear beautiful friend ;-)

  6. So fresh and bright - I can feel the spring coming! I have had the first picture on my inspiration board for a long time. Thank you for a lovely post again! Happy Women's Day and have a great beginning of the week!

  7. Christy, that mosaic is so whispy and beautiful!

  8. Don't you wish we have the season, Christy?

  9. I absolutely love the colours in this mosaic. So beautiful. x


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