Nikki's Cut-out Cardboard Furniture

By Christy Amular - March 20, 2010

Images from Whimsy Love

Take it from Nikki of Whimsy Love. She turned some ordinary packing boxes into whimsical, eco-friendly, recycled cut-out furniture! I love it! Now that inspires me  to do something with similar boxes lying around the house.  Thank you Nikki for your fab idea!

Also check out this must-read article from Tara of Scoutie Girl-- Embracing Abundance: Breaking the Scarcity Mindset. May that inspire you. Happy weekend!

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  1. those are so lovely!!!!! brilliant idea :)

  2. What an amazing idea. My kids would love this.
    With being cardboard it wouldn't matter if they drew on them,lol. So much more creative!



  3. So cute, Christy! If only real furniture could be as easy to assemble, move, and be as environmentally friendly ;)


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