Sweet Tidings from Little t Jane

By Christy Amular - March 18, 2010

A most delightful, surprise gift box recently arrived from my adorable friend Tracy from Little t Jane. Tracy is blessed with a  playful, pure, abundant  beautiful spirit and her ETSY shop is filled with creations that connect you back to your playful and oftentimes forgotten inner child.

I had no idea this adorable box was heading my way. Thank you for the surprise Tracy! 

The gift box is already a gift in itself! A sweetly hand painted collaged box features 3 adorable wee tear drops. I love how it is roughly sanded for a lovely patina effect. Let's see what's inside shall we?

Inside is a lavender scented Mr. Tear Drop Brooch all made with love by Little t Jane herself!  Enclosed is a wee mustache stamp too. Can't wait to stamp it on everything woohoo!

Mr. Tear Drop whom I have affectionately named Bleu also had a special creativity mantra message for me--make, make, create and love, love, adore! Those words just lift my tired spirit! 

Thank you Tracy for your soul-warming gifts! They delight and brighten my everyday! Thank you for the wonderful friendship!

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  1. how luckkkkkyyyyy :) they're so pretty :) aren't surprises just the best? :)

  2. so sweet Christy! I love the things Tracy makes and that she creates out of the box!


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