Yozo Craft sponsor giveaway winners!

By Christy Amular - March 01, 2010

Drum roll please! The five (5) winners of the recent Sweet Valentine sponsor giveaway from Yozo Craft are:

1. Indie Icing
2. Kawaii Crafter
3. Barbara
4. Ittybittyandpretty
5. Urban Craft

Congratulations ladies! You will be receiving a confirmation email from me soon. Thank you to all who participated. I will be back with a special giveaway for knitters soon. Happy March!

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  1. woohooo 2 of my friends are there! Are you really using random org, Christy? hehehehe jk :D

  2. The giveaway sponsors get to pick the winners! :)

  3. wow wow wow. i was really hoping to win this one...i only enter give aways i want to win so as not to be greedy :) thats karma for you.
    yes and i see urban craft is a winner too. she is one clever chicky and nice too!

    off to DM you my address
    thanks christy you and your blog sponsers are wonderful


  4. Christy,

    I sent you an email with my address. Can you please let me know if you received it? The first time I sent it, I got an error message back.

    Can't wait to see the envelope template in person. :)



  5. I can't even tell you how excited I am to win something! You know what it's like as a fellow blogger to always be hosting the giveaways and never getting to win. This is just fabulous! I know me and the kids are going to have a blast with this!

  6. I just came across you blog and am thrilled! I may be here for an hour. You have so many fun finds.

  7. I got it in the mail, it's a wonderful tool! I love being able to do things myself and I always need envelopes!
    Now I am going to make envelopes out of everything!
    Thank you again!

  8. I received your gift, thanks!


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