Blog about Yozo Craft and Get 12% Off!

By Christy Amular - April 06, 2010

Is there any item you can't resist on Yozo Craft? Just blog about it and you'll get 12% discount on the item upon checkout!  This Blog Week Easter Special is on-going until midnight of Friday, April 9, 2010.

Visit Yozo Craft for more details.  

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  1. I had never heard of yozo craft before. Glad I do now...they have beautiful items!

  2. Thanks for the tip!
    Bear regards,

    Beertje Zonn
    Bear from the Netherlands

  3. oh wow, where do you stop!
    they are gorgeous.
    enjoy..I'm off to spy

  4. are you trying to kill me!?! i have no money, i will have to save all my pennies, i want a matryshka stamp set..thas all i want in life..oh an enything else related to babushkas...

  5. Christy you always have the most tempting stuff on here for me to buy! i bought some cute stamp last week and can't wait to get them. thanks for all your links and tips and inspriation!


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