Mosaic Monday: Lavender Dreams

By Christy Amular - April 05, 2010

1. Lavender blue, 2. More lavender sachets, 3. of butterfly and lavenders..., 4. Lavender Teabags, 5. Lavender princess 2007, 6. Lavender Cream-Filled Cupcakes, 7. Lavender biscuits, 8. [155:365] Lavender Central, 9. Lavender Cupcakes
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  1. Beautiful mosaic. I love the colour of lavender, the smell of lavender, although not sure if I love the taste of lavender? Those cupcakes could change my mind! They are so pretty. x

  2. Lovely, Christy. I love lavender too, and have planted some more in my garden.

  3. So very beautiful!
    I love the cupcakes adorned with lavender!

  4. hello Christy
    sorry I haven't commented in since a while, I feel confused.
    your mosaic is really beautiful, and poetic too. I'm a big fan of lavender, and have even tried chocolate with lavender buds, and it was really good. A bit surprising at first, but then it was nice !
    thank you so much for making & sharing this mosaic with us xoxoxo


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