Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Pretty pretty summer

Image from Amy Moss/Eat Drink Chic

Make it the prettiest  summer ever with these gorgeous vintage floral gift tags created by Amy Moss of Eat Drink Chic. They're so pretty you'd love them on all your handmade gifts and crafts this summer!

Lemonade, anyone?

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Facebook Fun

Sweet Tidings is now on Facebook! Now I've got a convenient platform to update you with interesting finds, tips, talented crafters, tutorials, handmade shops and everything I find sweet and wonderful 24/7.  Visit the Sweet Tidings Facebook Page here. Don't forget to likey likey. I'm excited to seeing  your blog FB pages too!

Happy Tuesday!

Monday, June 28, 2010

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Sweet shop update and Kidindependent

Time for another shop update. I changed the shop header too. Do you like it?

A heartfelt  thank you goes to Kidindependent  for including my handmade kitty couture dolls in their Smitten with Kittens feature. What an honor. Thank you so much!  Check out Kidindependent for the cutest and coolest styles and finds for kids. I can't wait to browse all their archives.

Happy Sunday!

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Dolls Have Feelings Too

Get catapulted to doll heaven! Artist extraordinaire Elsa Mora (Elsita)  has a blog purely devoted to the sublime art of handmade dollmaking. Ogle her breathlessly beautiful palm sized dolls or try her roundup of doll tutorials. Grap a cuppa as you're guaranteed to stay for hours.

Happy weekend!

Friday, June 25, 2010

Clearance Sale on Yozo Craft

Yozo Craft is making way for their original handmade products and so they're having a clearance sale starting today until June 29. I say it's not too early to start on your Christmas shopping. ;)

Thursday, June 24, 2010

My reluctant handmade childhood and a tutorial

Long before eco- friendly handmades became popular (circa 1981), my mother would send me to grade school armed with school totes made of leftover upholstery fabric and pencil cases made from upcycled curtain drapes. Kicking and screaming, I protested against the downright ridiculous frugality that my mother was trying to instill in me. I gawked with envy over the shiny, department store purchased  items that my classmates proudly paraded in class such as bright  BPA laced plastic lunch boxes, magnetic puffy pencil boxes and other plastic thingamajigs. During recess, I'd cringe at seeing my sandwich wrapped in infinitely re-used plastic wrapper while my seatmates were munching their snacktime goodies from disposable aluminum foil bags.  Not to mention that my lunch came in those mini recycled fabric totes! Aarrgh!

My most horrific eco-friendly experience happened in Grade 3 when my mother decided in a fit of lunacy that I should use an oversized buri mat bag  as school carryall. It is fashionable and unique and natural she enthused. I thought she was out of her mind.

Another time she made  me use those sturdy rainbow nylon mesh bags (the ones farm folks use to transport a live chicken in). Some cruel, ruthless classmates would tease if I would be going to the fresh produce market after school!

Looking back, I laugh at how my mother was so damn ahead of her time.  She had the eco-friendly mentality going on right at the start. Too bad I was just  too young to understand eco friendly much less spell it.

This following tutorial is a paean of sorts to my mother.  It's a back-to-back upcycled flour sack market tote. It's nothing new really.

My tote is still hanging on a hook on my bedroom door and I'm still gathering enough courage to use it in my next trip to the produce market. I imagine it would be so fashionable toting eggplants and squash in it? Oh did I tell you my childhood pyjamas were made of recycled flour sacks too?

Upcycled Flour Sack Market Tote


2 pieces flour sacks
Sewing machine/needle and thread

1. Decide how big and deep your tote bag will be. If you want a back to back printed tote bag, cut out the back and front sides of the sack. Put the two printed sides against each other. Hem and sew along the sides. Turn wrong sides in. Hem and fold top. Sew folds neatly in place.

2. Make a strap out of the unused plain side of the flour sack. Cut  two sets of 4" x 24"  fabric. Fold  fabric into two. Sew along the sides with a seam allowance of  1 cm. Turn wrong sides in.  Iron the fabric strips.  Sew along both sides of the fabric. Attach strips to the back using double stitched reinforcement.

3. Enjoy your newfangled upcycled flour sack tote!

Monday, June 21, 2010

Singing Amigurumi

A happy music video [found via Japanistic Blog] featuring the music of U900, a Japanese Ukulele Duo. It can't get cuter than this! Know more about the bear and bunny duo here.

Happy Monday!

For the books

Create these cute ballet shoe bookmarks from Wee Folk Art's amazing tutorial. It's just the perfect project to make from those itty bitty leftover felt scraps. Thank you Kimara for this wonderful dea!

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Lst minute Father's Day card ideas

For last minute card ideas for Father's Day, there's nothing like Martha Stewart to come to the rescue. Check out this collection of stylish Father's Day Quotes and Cards to make dad's day extra special..

Happy Father's Day!

Silhouette clipart from Karen's Whimsy

Looking for beautiful silhouette clipart for your papercutting and decoupage projects? Check out Karen Whimsy's adorable treasury of images from her collection for use in your artwork. As always, these images are subject to term of use.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

If I were a cupcake...

I'd be Cupcake #23--Vanilla Cupcake with Lemon Filling and Meringue Frosting! 

Check out this yummy collection of cupcake, cookie and savories recipes from Ming Makes Cupcakes. 

You can also conveniently print out all the cupcake recipes here.  

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Cute attempts at bag making

Yay! I finally I got around to making Sewtakeahike's  Short Boxed Tote Bag. I used a Peter Pan canvass type fabric in pink watercolor florals. I think it looks positively summery and what a cute bag to brighten  the coming dreary rainy season.

I tweaked my bag size quite a bit to make it look more market tote. Thanks Penny for sending me some bag snaps for this project. For more fun and and easy to follow sewing projects and tutorials visit Sewtakeahike's archive of patterns and tutorials

Make it a fabulous day! 

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Sweet (cupcake) stands

Here's something cute and totally earth friendly from Hello Hanna. The next time you're on a cupcake making blitz, grab a pack of these Sweet Stands.

Friday, June 11, 2010

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Owl Box Printable from Nini Makes

Print your own retro style owl gift box  from Joanie of Nini Makes! It's her birthday freebie treat for all of us. Fill it with with the yummiest treats such candy, vintage buttons, chocolate, tiny toys and trinkets!

Do check out Joanie's birthday giveaway too and her new blog Stitch Village and  The Village Shop.   As her albeit belated birthday giveaway, Joanie is offering three owl themed gift bundles! Woot hoot!

Prize bundle #2: I so want to win this! ;)

Have a fabulous Thursday everyone!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Sweet Hot Pads

BHG has a sweet cupcake and checkerboard hotpad sewing project and pattern. Make these sweet pads  for your favorite cook or baker!  

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Summer Soapmaking on Rhythm of the Home

Raring to make your own natural handmade soaps?

Visit the newest waldorf inspired online magazine Rhythm of the Home found via Wee Folk Art. There 's a crafty project to make for every season and occasion!

This summer, check out the Summer Soapmaking tutorial created by Tracy of This Little Light of Mine and Nanty's Naturals. There are lots of soapmaking supply stores on the web such as Bramble Berry and Soap Crafters to get you started.

If ever you get started on a soapmaking journey, fill me in on the details. Would love to see what you create! Have a cozy handmade weekend!

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Pesto Perfect and more

All images from Giver's Log

I love pesto sauce and I squealed with delight when I found this cute  recipe and printable project on Giver's Log. Isn't it the niftiest and prettiest kitchen gift?

While we're on the topic of giving, also check out these 50+ DIY Projects from Giver's Log. Thank you Giver's Log for including  my Spring Tea Envelope project  in your crafty compedium. 

Happy weekend everyone!

Friday, June 4, 2010

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Hello June!

June is here! I'm happy to welcome this month as it heralds the rainy season here in the tropics. Yay for rain! 

Need a new desktop wallpaper? Visit Flora Chang's yummy illustrated blog Happy Doodle Land  for a cute cupcake themed free June wallpaper. Visit her  store on ETSY too. I'm drooling at all the cute stuff she has for sale! 

Original Mixed Media Artwork-Four Heads

Original Painting on Wood Panel - Shy Girl

Hand Drawn Stuffed Doodle Brooch - No. 9

Happy Stampies - Mini Rubber Stamps Set No. 8

Birdies - Print