Amazing Giveaways at Wee Folk Art and Emjie's

By Christy Amular - July 27, 2010

If you're a devoted fan of Wee Folk Art  like I am, you would have probably read about the Bolga basket you tube video that Kimara has posted on the Wee Folk Art Facebook fanpage. Apparently these Bolga baskets are made with lots of handmade joy, laughter and community spirit by the Bolgatangans of the north east region of Ghana. These Bolga baskets are incredibly beautiful and durable fair trade products that one would be so honored and proud to own.

The lovely Kimara in cooperation with A Toy Garden  is giving readers a chance to win their very own Bolga basket! Simply visit the Wee Folk Art giveaway post here and follow instructions.

Meanwhile, Emjie is also having a sweet giveaway at her blog. Do visit her blog to win some very lovely goodies such as a Peppermint Mag and Emjie's zines.

Thank you  Kimara and Emjie for sharing some giveaway love. I hope one of my readers will get lucky!

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  1. Thanks for the write up. :)

    Those bolga baskets look amazing!

  2. Hi there Christy,

    Thanks for linking :) You have such a loyal following, I always meet new people when you feature WFA. Hugs!



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