Darling Birdseed Cakes from Magic Onions

By Christy Amular - July 22, 2010

Look at what my feathered friends will be having for lunch! Darling birdseed cakes! The tutorial comes from a beautiful Waldorf inspired blog called  The Magic Onions. Kimara of Wee Folk Art featured the tutorial  in her Facebook Page a couple of days ago. It's so easy and fun I had to go out and buy gelatine pronto.

I have discovered a lot of fun stuff on crafty Facebook pages. I hope you visit and like the Sweet Tidings page too. I usually share fun stuff at the top of my mind.

Hope your week is sweet!

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  1. Hi... thank you so much for the link love :-)
    Aren't they fun! And... the birdies love them... ours are all gone.
    You have a stunning blog... I'll be here for a while :-)
    Blessings and magic,


Your comment is very much appreciated. Thank you so much!