Mix n' Match Printed Envelope Project on Parasol Blog

By Christy Amular - July 03, 2010

You gotta love those cute zakka wooden envelope templates! They are extremely useful  for a variety of crafty projects. Check out the mix and match printed envelope project I made for Parasol Blog  using the Little Gnome Digital Kit and the nifty Japanese craft tool. The envelopes are made of sturdy board paper and are great for holding little gifts, party favors and of course handmade cards.

Zakka wooden envelope templates are available in a few good online zakka stores such as Yozo Craft and Florspacehome on ETSY.

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  1. i was lucky enough to win one of those and i LOVE it and so do my children....very easy to use.

  2. Love these. Went over to Parasol Blog to check out your tute. (Hmmm... gnomes :) Thanks. I'll be linking on Facebook. I've also tracked down the wooden templates. Thanks.

  3. Oh dear, finding out about wooden envelope templates is certainly not going to help my stationery obsession! LOL.


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