Simplicity, Shopping and Music for Knitting

By Christy Amular - July 11, 2010

Here's one lovely website I've been reading lately. It's not as picture heavy as I want it to be but it's okay. It is filled to the brim with inspiring articles and how-to's on how to live the simplest, happiest life ever.  Check out the Get Organized Series, Green Living, Cooking and Baking from Scratch and Household Hints and General Information. Be warned, you'll have to be pried from your seat with a crowbar. There's just so many interesting articles worth reading!

Oh, I have been Christmas shopping in July! Check out ETSY for the best and greatest deals. I scored this lovely vintage Faerie Filigree Adjustable Ring from Joli et Simple shop. Isn't it dreamy? 

Shhh, I'll let you in on my latest sonic addiction! Check out Stereomood. There's music for every mood and emotion imaginable. Want to get knitting? There's music for that too!  Tune in!

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