Mosaic Monday: Marie Claire Ideas

By Christy Amular - August 09, 2010

1. Marie Claire Idées - crocheted bag, 2. Marie Claire Idees, 3. marie claire idees, 4. etagères, 5. tea lamp, 6. inspirations, 7. Marie-Claire Idees, 8. Marie-Claire Idées - march 2008, 9. Marie Claire Idees Nº 67

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  1. hi! I'm vivi from argentina
    you have a pretty blog, full of great ideas

  2. those are soooo beautiful! thanks for the ideas!

  3. I LOVE that magazine, but I have a hard time justifying the price... :( (And my french is just awful.) The pictures though....gorgeous!

  4. Welcome back ! Look at all those gorgeous things !

  5. Hi Chrsity! Glad to have you here again! how was the trip?


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