Jammin' Jinjerup

By Christy Amular - September 12, 2010

What a delight to discover Jinjerup's amazing treasure trove of the most adorable and unique (not to mention free) weekly printable offerings. I'm in love with the Tropical Punch Bookmarks that feature my favorite tropical fruits. There's lychee, mangosteen, papaya, pineapple, watermelon and even the notorious durian! Durian may have an overwhelming scent but trust me it tastes so divine in candy form.

I've printed a few sets of these fruity fun bookmarks to adorn my cookbooks and to keep tab of some few special recipes. By the way, click on the second photo pictured above to see the yummy sticky apple tart recipe from the book Scrumptious Pies and Tarts by Linda Collister.

Jinjerup has more fun printables avaialble on ETSY. Check out the complete halloween printable set that's just perfect for the coming season.

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