Tokyo Cafe Style

Images from Three Buttons/Pom Pom Parlour 

I just stumbled upon the Tokyo Cafe series on  Pom Pom Parlour via sweet Angela's Three Buttons blog. I'm just drooling over the delicious petite pastries and creative lattes being served in those cute zakka cafes. Ahh, heaven!

Tomorrow promises to be a sweet Sunday as I have a craft tutorial for all of you. I have taken part in Sagolikt Pysell's Pysellstaffet or Craft Relay celebrating  autum crafts. My craft tutorial is scheduled tomorrow so don't forget to check back. Also check out the complete list of Craft Relay participants here.

I also have a mega kawaii giveaway on Monday, September 27 courtesy of the cutest kawaii online gift shop Modes4u.

P.S. I have a Sweet Tidings giveaway on Good Day Sunshine!  Please join in to win a doily and denim zipped wristlet handmade with love by me. 


  1. Sweet! I hope you are having a beautiful weekend, Christy!

    : )

    Julie M.


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