Anyeong Haseyo Korean Kawaii (Hello Korean Kawaii)

Blame it on the hallyu wave, I'm loving everything korean kawaii as of the moment. Oh, did I not mention I'm hopelessly and insanely addicted to korean dramas and k-pop too? LOL!

Anyway I'm got a cute Ddung doll wallpaper plastered on my desktop computer from the wallpaper gallery found right here.  I just love the bright, wide eyed look of the Ddung (pronounced ttung) doll as compared to the more popular Blythe and Pullip ones. Check out the Ddung official sites in Korean and English for more eye candy!

Happy Friday!


  1. Hi Christy, today I receive your pretty package. Thank you so soooo much, your works are adorable! I will have lots and lots of Joy out of it. Thank you once again very much. Do have a sunshine-filled and HAPPY weekend. xxx

  2. Hello Christy, I love your blog which I have thankfully found through Saskia's!

    These Korean Kawaii dolls are so sweet and your space is full of such beautiful things. I
    Have a beautiful weekend. xxx

  3. these are adorable..esp love that last one
    hope you're having a lovely weekend Christy :) Gx

  4. The K-wave is still going so strong! :) I like the Ddung doll too!


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