Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Sweet Tidings 6th Day of Christmas: Earth Angel Ornaments

Create a constellation of adorable, windblown earth angels to add a natural touch to your handmade home. Hung from a tree or garland or festooned on a handmade twig wreath, these sweet little angels will bring joyful sweet tidings to the holidays.

  • Wooden doll pegs
  • Hessian/Muslin  fabric scraps
  • Hemp/Jute twine
  • Glue gun and stick
  • Pinking shears 
  • Tamale corn husk


1. Attach wooden peg doll  to its circular base using a hot glue gun.

2.  Cut a piece of hessian/muslin fabric approximately 3.5" by 4.5". Fold 1/2" from the top. Cut edges with pinking shears. Wrap fabric around the wooden peg and secure  the edges with hot glue.

3. Apply a bit of hot glue on the top of the wooden peg and attach  a piece of  ribbon hanger. Wind jute twine around thetop to create the angel's hair.

3.  Make angel's wings from a piece of tamale corn husk. Attach to the back of the peg doll's body.

Yay, we're halfway through the 12 Days of Christmas! Hope you've been enjoying the recipes and proejcts so far.  Happy holidays!

Saturday, November 27, 2010

ModeS4U Black Friday One Day Sale!

What a better time to do Christmas shopping than now. Hurry and check out ModeS4U for the cutest kawaii gifts!

Sweet Tidings 5th Day of Christmas: Espresso Shortbread Cookies

This is one of my favorite recipes from The Best of Martha Stewart Living Holidays . So crisp, buttery and with tantalizing coffee flavor. Great with hot cocoa and of course- espresso!

Espresso Shortbread

  • 2 sticks unsalted butter
  • 1/2 cup firmly packed light brown sugar
  •  1 tsp vanilla extract
  • 1/4 tsp powdered instant coffee
  • 2 1/2 cup all-purpose flour
  • 1/4 tsp salt


1. Cream together butter and sugar until fluffy. Add vanilla and coffee. Sift together flour and salt; add to butter mixture and beat well.

2. Chill dough until firm.

3. Heat oven to 350 F.

4. Roll dough 1/4 inch thick and cut into 2-inch by 5-inch bars. prick with a fork. Score middle of bars with a knife.

5. Bake for 20 to 25 minutes or until light brown. Remove and cool on wire rack.

Friday, November 26, 2010

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Zakka rubber stamp and stitchery patterns for you

Download the holiday stitchery pattern here .  

Download rubber stamp pattern here.

Download the rubber stamp pattern here.

Yippee! I've got more zakka craft patterns to share. Download, stitch and stamp away!

If you're nifty with a craft knife check out these holiday inspired craft rubber stamp templates. They're great for gift tags, cards and the like.   The Scandinavian Christmas embroidery patterns are also cute for those sweet little home decor projects like holiday cloth table napkins, pillows, sachets and more.

By the way, Hong Kong based kawaii online shop ModeS4U is having a huge kawaii giveaway to celebrate thier 15,000 followers on facebook. Visit the giveaway post here for the chance to win  great kawii goodies. Good luck!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

Sweet Tidings 4th Day of Christmas: Gingerbread Body Scrub

Amidst all the flurry and hurry of the holiday season, take time to unwind and pamper yourself with some delicious  body scrub recipe to slough  off dead skin cells and stress! This yummy recipe is from eHow and I can personally vouch that's its divinely good as it smells so festive and my skin feels smooth and refreshed afterwards.

Gingerbread Body Scrub Recipe 


  • 3/4 cup brown sugar
  • 1 tsp freshly grated ginger root or 1 tablespoon ground ginger (fresh is best)
  • 1 tsp cocoa powder
  • 1 tbsp olive oil
  • 1 tsp cinnamon
  • Mixing bowl
  • Wooden spoon
  • Small glass jar 

Mix all ingredients together in a mixing bowl and combine using a wooden spoon. Store in a glass jar for later use.

Make several batches of this yummy body scrub to give away to your crafting buddies in case you plan to throw a retro paper doll party or any of the fabulous ideas from Craft-In.

You can package your gingerbread body scrub party favor in an  inexpensive salt/ pepper/flour shaker  sealed with plastic wrap. Add a mini gingerbread boy cookie cutter  to go!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Free Japanese patterns for Christmas bazaar crafts

Chances are, you've stumbled upon this blog while searching for free Japanese felt patterns. The good news is, I've got more free patterns for you that you can actually use for your holiday decorating and even for your Christmas bazaar or craft marketplace. Yay!

This bear bunny mini softie is very cute. You can make it in its actual size to create keychains, mobile phone dangles, car mirror dangles,  baby mobiles or you can enlarge it a gazillian times to create a super cute adorable softie!  To download, click on the links, right click and save to your hard drive.

Download the bear bunny  instruction  and pattern  .

This cuddly baby ball made of soft cloth (is it terry cloth?) is a perfect gift for a baby while the boy and girl puppet or water glass cozy is lovely gift for toddlers.

Download the baby ball  and boy girl puppet  pattern.

These are the cutest ornaments to make using scrap felt patterns. You can make them in white felt or combine them in Christmassy colors.

Download the felt ornament  pattern.

Download the Christmas tree  and stocking  pattern.

I will add more patterns in the coming days. Happy sewing!  
Note: The patterns uploaded to Apture are no longer functional. I will try to upload the new patterns soon. Thank you.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Sweet Tidings 3rd Day of Christmas: Winter Fairy Land Snow Domes

Recycled glass jam jars of various shapes and sizes are perfect for creating homemade snow domes. With a bit of faux snow, craft glitter and lots of imagination, you can easily create tiny, magical snow covered vignettes of storybook winter fairy wonderlands.

Winter Fairy Snow Domes


  • Jam or jelly jars of various shapes and sizes
  • Styrofoam balls (big enough to fit jam jar lid)
  • Faux/fake snow
  • Spanish moss
  • Hot glue gun and glue stick
  • Craft glitter
  • Woodland/fairy elements--toadstool mushrooms,  plastic reindeer, gnome, pixie, fairy doll
  • Ribbon

1. Using hot glue, attach a piece of styrofoam ball to the surface of the insides of the jar cover. Cover styrofoam ball with spanish moss. Glue tiny figurine or item to the mddle of the styrofoam ball.  Let dry.

2.Spoon some faux snow into the glass jam jar. Add craft glitter to create sparkle and dimensional effect. Replace the jam jar cover and screw the lid tightly. Your homemade snowdome is now ready to be enjoyed and dsiplayed in your favorite Christmas corner.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Yozo Craft Thanksgiving Giveaway Winner

Drum roll, please! Yozo Craft  has drawn the name of the winner of the $20 coupon giveaway and the lucky person is....

Congratulations to Blue Eyed Night Owl! Yozo Craft will be contacting you shortly. Thank you to all who participated.

Don't forget to visit Yozo Craft for your holiday shopping. Bulk/wholesale items are also available.

Happy Monday!

Mosaic Monday: Very Cranberry

1. Cranberries, 2. cranberry bliss bars, 3. Wet Cranberries, 4. cranberry sauce, 5. Cranberry Woodland Angel, 6. redness of cranberry, 7. Cranberry , 8. Cranberry Chunk Pillar Candle, 9. cranberry cupcakes.

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Sunday, November 21, 2010

Sweet Tidings 2nd Day of Christmas: Sweet Molasses Boys


Quick!  Gobble up these sweet molasses boys before they run away!

Gingerbread boy shaped treats are a staple of the holiday season. From gingerbread boy shaped brownies and cakes to cinnamon scented soaps, this lovable holiday icon brings smiles and cozy cheer to everyone.

This trusty recipe for Sweet Molasses Boys taken from the book Spirit of Christmas is both fun and easy to make as it doesn't contain ground ginger and numerous spices. These fragrant, yummy cookies can be individually wrapped in clear printed cello and given away as little treats to guests who drop in during the holidays.  

You can find cute packaging supplies from Crafting Bug   Cute Cups and Cinderella's Gift Shop-  all wonderful kawaii themed shops from ETSY. Happy baking!

Recipe after the jump.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Yozo Craft $20 coupon giveaway ends tonight

How about some $20 shopping spree on Yozo Craft? Enter the Thanksgiving Giveaway  to win some cute items of your choice such as kawaii schedule books and adhesive fabric deco tapes. The giveaway offer ends tonight so enter while there's still time.

Happy weekend!

Friday, November 19, 2010

Sweet Tidings 1st Day of Christmas: Miss Frosty Gets Toasty

Welcome to the first day of Sweet Tidings 12 Days of Christmas!  From today until December 9, I will be sharing with you my handmade holiday craft ideas, favorite recipes and inspiration. I will be posting new material every two days  so check back often.  Hop along and together we'll make this the merriest and craftiest Christmas ever!

I love anything snowman inspired and so my favorite Christmas tale aside of course from the Nativity of Jesus is Raymond Brigg's The Snowman. Visit the Snowman site and  relive a bit of that childhood Christmas magic.

Now on to my handmade Christmas tutorial!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Sweet Tidings 12 Days of Christmas starts tomorrow

The Sweet Tidings 12 Days of Christmas starts tomorrow! It's going to be a fun craft workshop/craft-along to get you started on your holiday crafting, making, baking and decorating. It's going to be the merriest, craftiest  Christmas  ever! Be cure to come back tomorrow or bookmark this blog.

The Thanksgiving Giveaway sponsored by zakka shop Yozo Craft is still open. Have your visited the shop to see what cute goodies you're going to buy in case you win the $20 coupon?  Better enter now as the giveaway closes on Saturday, Novermber 20.

Yozo Craft also has a $20 coupon giveaway on their blog.  Be sure to join in as well. These are just some of the yummy goodies I'd like to buy from the shop  in case I win  the coupon, LOL!

See you tomorrow for the Sweet Tidings 1st Day of Christmas!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Throw a Retro Paper Doll Party with Craft-In

Cake buffet standee, placeholder, centerpiece or just pain paper doll 

Let's Retro Paper Doll Party! 

"Welcome to the party! The lonely days of crafting solo are over. You have found your people! We're here, sharing supplies, swapping  secrets, and passing the snacks. Grab your friends and come join us ."
One of the most eye catching and unique craft books that has been released lately is Craft-In, an adorable boxed compilation of 12 crafty project ideas designed and contributed by some of the craftiest people on the planet.  Edited by Kathleen McCafferty and published by Lark Crafts, each booklet is wonderfully designed and features easy and party ready projects for the whole gang. I'm really drawn to the upbeat, quirky, funky and downright personal tone of the booklets. Fabulous photos, artwork, visual ephemera and over-all cool writing style all meld together to create this unforgettable craft booklet collectible. Craft-In's handy booklet format and brilliant execution makes it a definite must-have for your craft library.

Craft-In's best feature would have to be the range of techniques that appeal to crafters of all persuasions. The easy, down-to-earth instructions are just perfect for stitchers, crocheters, bakers, mixed media artists, altered art junkies, felters, jewelery makers and even crafters who love hoop dancing.

The boxed set also contains a craft party invitation template that can be photocopied  and sent to your friends. For each project, there are fun suggestions for snacks, craft supplies and even music! 

I love all the projects especially Retro Paper Doll Party, Culture Club Pocketbook Logs, Great Cupcake Makeover and Mint Tin Tiny World.

The retro paper doll (pictured above)  I created from the Retro Paper Doll Party booklet  was so fun to make. I enjoyed dressing her up as a cupcake fairy. The project was designed by Suzie Millions, artist, compulsive collector and author of The Complete Book of Retro Crafts (Lark Books, 2008).

I definitely will gather some friends this holiday season for my own  Retro Paper Doll Party. Next time there will be some fizzy drinks and yes, cupcakes!

Go grab a copy of Craft-In for your holiday crafty parties!

Monday, November 15, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving Giveaway- $20 Coupon from Yozo Craft

I would like to take a moment to thank you all for loving and supporting the handmade spirit and for tirelessly reading this blog. Thank you for all the wonderful comments, inspiration and friendship. This blog has come a long way and I will certainly  do everything to make it as  interesting and fun  as possible and at the same time cover a wide range of topics to  foster the handmade spirit and experience. Of course, Sweet Tidings will always be your daily source of what's cute, zakka, kawaii, fun and beautiful! 

As a way of saying thanks, I have a Happy Thanksgiving Giveaway sponsored by the most wonderful zakka and handmade shop in the universe- Yozo Craft.  Just like you I crazy about all the cute  and affordable goodies that Yozo Craft offers such as sewing riboons and lace, kokka fabric, natural fabrics, buttons, handmade items, crafty paper, rubber stamps, zakka items, stationery goods, decorative tapes and stickers. There is even a dollar shop  to suit your budget. It's one of  the best online  places to do your early Christmas shopping.   

Enter the giveaway after the jump.

Mosaic Monday: An Apple a Day

1. I ♥ my Apple. :>, 2. Apple Pie-O-Lantern, 3. Autumn apple - Herbstapfel, 4. Candy Apples, 5. Cause You're the Apple To My Pie, 6. Candy Apples (lunapark, Liege), 7. Apple Pie Pastry Purses - Homemade, 8. Candy Apples, 9. Candy Apple cupcakes!

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Sunday, November 14, 2010

Free Online Projects from Holiday with Matthew Mead

Head over to the Holiday with Matthew Mead website for free templates, recipes and downloads. I'm excited about the paper gnome templates and the santa poppers/christmas crackers.

Holiday with Matthew Mead  is a special  book-azine celebrating and offering inspiration for the Christmas holiday season. A copy of the magazine can be purchased on the Matthew Mead website.

Happy weekend. Keep sparkling!

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Sewing Christmas Projects

Image from Martha Stewart

Make a gift for everyone on your list with Martha's Sewing Christmas Projects. Sew Mama Sew is also halfway through its  4th Annual Handmade Holidays. There are tons of fun and cute projects to make plus sweet prizes to win.

Make it a great weekend!

Friday, November 12, 2010

Heartful Christmas on Afternoon Tea

It's always a joy to visit Afternoon Tea  especially when the holidays roll in.  There's so much visual inspiration although I'm a bit lost in translation. This year, the holiday theme revolves around the concept of a Heartful Christmas. Their holiday palette features my favorite colors- apple and cranberry rich hues. If you can't get enough of those lovely colors, get them on your desktop. Afternoon Tea offers Heartful Christmas wallpapers to enjoy throughout the season.

Happy weekend!

Morning Pages and Printable Cookie Bags

I've been doing a little morning exercise. I feel it is just what I need to revive my lackluster creative mojo. It's called Morning Pages, a creative recovery tool  developed and taught by Julia Cameron, renaissance woman extraordinaire and author of  The Artist's Way: The Spiritual Path to Higher Creativity. You can download Julia's PDF creative recovery basic tool guide here

I am in no way an artist but I believe living is an art and we must utilize all the tools and techniques that we can to express the beauty of the divine that dwells in each one of us.

Morning Pages are three pages of longhand, stream of consciousness writing, done first thing in the morning. There is no wrong way to do Morning Pages-- they are not high art. They are about anything and everything that crosses your mind-- and they are for your eyes only. 
-Julia Cameron, The Artist's Way 

Thursday, November 11, 2010

My Creative Space

Hello there! I'm joining Kotooyo's My Creative Space meme today. Here are random stuff on my craft shelf--from chaotic, disorganized sewing notions to calm and contempative Asian inspired objects. 

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