Free Japanese patterns for Christmas bazaar crafts

By Christy - November 24, 2010

Chances are, you've stumbled upon this blog while searching for free Japanese felt patterns. The good news is, I've got more free patterns for you that you can actually use for your holiday decorating and even for your Christmas bazaar or craft marketplace. Yay!

This bear bunny mini softie is very cute. You can make it in its actual size to create keychains, mobile phone dangles, car mirror dangles,  baby mobiles or you can enlarge it a gazillian times to create a super cute adorable softie!  To download, click on the links, right click and save to your hard drive.

Download the bear bunny  instruction  and pattern  .

This cuddly baby ball made of soft cloth (is it terry cloth?) is a perfect gift for a baby while the boy and girl puppet or water glass cozy is lovely gift for toddlers.

Download the baby ball  and boy girl puppet  pattern.

These are the cutest ornaments to make using scrap felt patterns. You can make them in white felt or combine them in Christmassy colors.

Download the felt ornament  pattern.

Download the Christmas tree  and stocking  pattern.

I will add more patterns in the coming days. Happy sewing!  
Note: The patterns uploaded to Apture are no longer functional. I will try to upload the new patterns soon. Thank you.

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  1. Chances are.. I always stumble upon your blog and find generous things you share with us!thanks!

  2. Again the cutest stuff around, sweet Christy!
    Have a great day, or better yet, a lovely evening ^_~

  3. These are so sweet!
    Thank you for sharing you delightful treasures.
    Have a wonderful day. x

  4. Hi there; I just love the stuff u have on here, but I seem to be having a problem dowloading the Bear/Bunny instructions and pattern. HELP?

  5. I too can not download the Bear/Bunny pattern...can you help me too?

  6. Please answer my question above...Do you have the pattern for sale or free?
    Thank you........Evie

  7. Hmmm...sadly none of the links works anymore.

  8. hi i not found pattern download the bear bunny.not work download.please help me

  9. These are super cute! I love them! The pattern is great too and easy to make! I featured this in my blog: Thank you so much for sharing!


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