Crafty fun with my Modes4U holiday rubber stamps

By Christy - December 18, 2010

I'm loving my new favorite product from Modes4U. These Christmas rubber stamps are the best I've ever tried. I love the other kawaii craft stamp designs (matryoshka among others) from Modes4U and I'll surely add some more to my collection. 

Here's the verdict. Unlike wooden based stamps which are hard to imprint on paper, these self-inking stamps just print on so smoothly with no fuss or stains. The stamp designs are incredibly sharp and detailed too. I also  love the pretty crystal faceted acrylic handle.  It helps give the right amount of pressure to prevent blotting and stains. 

This Christmas, I'm totally 100%  DIY as far as wrapping and packaging goodies  is concerned.  With the help of these wonderful rubber stamps from Modes4U I can make point stickers, wrapping paper, Christmas stationery, tags and more.

DIY Stamped Paper Packaging Project


  • Modes4U rubber stamps 
  • Matte sticker paper
  • Kraft paper sticker
  • Kraft cartolina paper 
  • Handmade tags or purchased tags 
  • Paper shapers 

1. To make homemade wrapping paper, apply stamp design onto paper. Press for 5 seconds and release. Don't press too much or the ink will blot.

2.  To make point stickers, stamp design to matte sticker paper. Use 2" scalloped or square paper shapers to cut out stickers. 

3. Use your DIY wrapping paper, tags and stickers to decorate handmade gifts, cards, envelopes, parcels and more. Your imagination is the limit!

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