My homemade holiday gift idea on Real Simple

By Christy Amular - December 08, 2010

Looking for unique and wonderful homemade gift ideas? Check out's 14 Creative Homemade Holiday Gift Ideas. I have contributed a New and Noteworthy Writing Set project that's so fun, cute and easy to do. It's the perfect stocking stuffer gift for friends and family (and for yourself too) who love to-do listing, note taking, doodling and organizing. 

For more great holiday tips and ideas check out Real Simple's Holiday Organizing Tricks. Have a stress-free and enjoyable holiday season!

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  1. That's awesome, Christy! So pretty!

  2. Sweet sweet SWEET, Christy. Love it! Have a happy thursday, enjoy your morning cup! xxx

  3. wow... that's really great Christy...


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