Sweet Tidings 10th Day of Christmas: Upcycled Crocheted Doily Snowflake Garland/Bunting

By Christy Amular - December 09, 2010

Create a flurry of cascading crocheted doily snowflakes  made from recycled crochet blankets. Hang vertically like a playful mobile on a window  or decorate like a  bunting. Which ever way, it will bring a touch of winter your way.

Upcycled Crocheted Doily Snowflake  Garland


  • Old, worn-out  crocheted blanket
  • Fabric Stiffener
  • Sewing machine/needle thread
  • Thick natural twine 


1.  Cut out crocheted doily rounds from blanket. Stiffen doilies using commercial or homemade fabric stiffener. Let dry and iron.

2. Stitch around the doily to prevent sides from fraying.

3. Using needle and thread, attach individual crochet doily rounds to natural twine either vertically or horizontally. Make the bunting/garland in any length you want.

4. Use garland/bunting to decorate windows, wreath, tree or other expected crannies of the house.

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  1. Oooh hadn't thought to use fabric stiffener on my doily creations. Great idea - very sweet little garland.

  2. A most gorgeous shot, sweet christy! xxxx


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