Diary Day

I love Korean diary rubber stamps! I think they go so well with my spankin' new coffee house diary. There's always a rubber stamp to express every mood and activity-- tv time, coffee time, snack time, good time etc. Feeling low and discouraged? There's aja aja or fighting!!    

Discover cool K-craft rubber stamps on ETSY:


  1. Cool, and I like your journal too!

  2. I really really want to try a starbucks coffee. One fine day I'm going too.
    Love to you, sweet christy xxxx

  3. cute! I am a sucker for any type of stamp!
    btw I have tagged you...

  4. Love these -- please, will you tell me where you found the fighting stamp? I couldn't see it in any of the etsy shops you listed. Thanks!

  5. Hi Laura! You can find the "fighting!" craft stamps on Violet Gift Shop on Dawanda. :)


  6. Christy, do you see them there now or were they listed there before? I've looked through the site four times now and can't find them. Am I nuts? Thanks for your help!

  7. Hmm I think the site is there.


    Oh only one craft stamp set left with "fighting!"


  8. I know this is a really old post but I've been tring to find a rubber stamp set exactly like this one but I've had no luck. Plus the stores you mention don't seem to work any more. Do you still have the set? Could you tell me what the name of it is? Thanks!


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