DIY Handmade Romantic Necklace Tutorial

By Christy Amular - January 09, 2011

Valentine season is coming up soon and I thought I'd do a few crafty tutorials to celebrate this most romantic and inspiring season. I'll start off with a DIY romantic necklace project that is so fun to whip up using craft leftovers such as fabric scraps, vintage buttons, ribbons and antique style charms.

Romantic Necklace Tutorial

  •  Shabby chic style fabric scraps
  •  Grosgrain ribbon
  •  Lace (crocheted or cotton)
  •  Vintage buttons
  •  Long strand pearl necklace
  •  Assorted charms or pendants i.e.  cameo brooches, antique keys

1. To make fabric brooch pendants, cut out a few circles of shabby chic style fabrics  fabric. Use a protractor  to draw the circles.  Cut out circles and stack together. Sew circles together using random machine stitches across the surface. Attach brooch clip at the back of the fabric brooch.

2. To make crocheted lace brooch pendants, sew bottom of lace using running stitches. Gather together to form into a "flower."  Secure ends tightly and sew the backside of the brooch to prevent fraying.  Attach brooch clip at the back of the fabric brooch. Decorate  front of brooch with beads, buttons or any desired embellishment.

3. Attach your finished brooch pendants to the pearl necklace. Add lace, ribbon or charms as desired.   Enjoy your unique DIY handmade romantic necklace

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  1. oh Christy, this is so sweet and romantic.

  2. Christy, this looks beautiful and romantic perfect for the days ahead, thank you for the tutorial.

    Have a beautiful week. xoxox

  3. Oh so beautiful, sweet and cute, Chirsty!
    HAve a happy Tuesday xxxx

  4. SO CUUUUUUTE! WIll defenatly try one and I have lods of fabric and beads etc at home :)
    Happy New Year by the way!

  5. Your tutorial is an awesome inspiration! Many thanks for sharing. I would like to feature your designs at

    Contact me here if you have a concern.



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