Organization Personality Quiz

By Christy Amular - January 21, 2011

Jump start your new year's resolution for a neater, more organized existence this 2011. Take the Organization Personality Quiz from BHG to determine your organizing archetype and recommended storage and organizing plan. Afterwards you can download and  print your own personalized month-by-month storage plan based on your personality type.

Anyway my results say I'm a schoolteacher type. It's surprisingly accurate!

This January, I'm off to:

Test all writing implements. Toss everything that doesn't work. Group like items in a canister. 

Heh. Sounds easy and doable. :)

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  1. This was fun!! And accurate for me too... spooky!

  2. You are a school teacher? They got it right? oooo I have to do this test too! Have a lovely weekend,

  3. I'm a school teacher as well!

  4. mine says a party planner... hmmm kinda hard to believe. But it defines I like keeping things though...


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