Super Quick Gifts to Make from BHG

Image from BHG

Fall in love with these super cute and super quick gift ideas from Better Homes and Gardens.  These candy-filled cupcakes, trimmed hand towels  and candy jars are just perfect for Valentine gift giving. 

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  1. You dearest sweet Christy you, just twittered your post. I love the idea of the candy cupcakes, so easy peasy. Think I will actually make some for my girls birthday next month! Much love to you, sweet friend. I will send a Valentine's card your way, do you also celebrate on February 14th. I understood in Brazil it's celebrated on June 12th.

  2. Hello! Thanks for your kind note and visit. What a sweet blog you have! I ma really not the homemaking type (except for cooking) but this is still inspiring! Thank you again.


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