Teddy Roosevelt in Paris

By Christy Amular - January 16, 2011

There are just so many extremely cute craft projects on Extremely Crafty! Must. Find. Time. To Make. Them. All.

If you're a bit pressed for time and you want to make something sweet and fun for Valentines, baby shower or just because occasions, check out Extremely Crafty's  Teddy Roosevelt in Paris inspired project. I made these little teddies in less than an hour. So fun, so cute! Make them in your favorite patterns and prints.

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  1. They are very happy and cute li'l Teddies!

    : )

    Julie M.

  2. Can't find the pattern - can you refresh your link or pdf one to jhyde@san.rr.com?


  3. hello.. Is the link still working? hope you can email me the pdf pattern too.. thank you. msquiah89@yahoo.com


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