Snipsnaphappy matryoshka + Pig-Rabbit

By Christy Amular - February 19, 2011

So many cute sewing projects, so little time! Looks like I'll be adding this Snipsnaphappy matryoshka doll project to my five years waiting list of to-do projects and to my matryoshka craft round-up. I also need to seriously detox from my compulsive behavior of printing every pattern I can lay my hands on. I am embarrassed to even show you my craft folder which is bursting at the seams with every conceivable doll/stuffie pattern.

As I'm always in a quandary as to what project to work on, I think I'll get a large mason jar and draw the title of the projects to do every week. Better yet I'll just use random number generator. Problem solved. Hah.

No craft night tonight as I want to  catch up on my reading and hopefully sleep at a decent hour. On that note me and my Pig-Rabbit bid you goodnight and happy weekend!

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  1. I adore Matrioskas and pigs too - your pig bunny is waaaaaaaaaaaay too cute.

  2. Don't give up the addiction just yet!

  3. ahh i see! it's cute :) and i'll check out flower boy ramyun shop! love a drama with a good laugh


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