Summer Preview 2011

Images from Green Gate DK Catalog 

Time flies so fast and summer is not so far away! Enjoy and be inspired by these lush and lovely summer images from the Green Gate catalog.

Ahh, somebody please pass the piña colada!


  1. Bring it on! I am alllll ready. hugs for the weekend, christy xoxoxo

  2. Ooohhh... so pretty! i want to live in those images!
    And to let you know... a little later today, I will put YOUR BLOG as my inspiration for today, on my blog! ;)
    You'll see it here:

    Have a wonderful, magical and frenchy-country day! :)

  3. i don't know about you, but these pretty things make my knees go weak just by looking at them... somebody help me, i wanna get them all!!


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