Yvestown Yearbook, Hello Sandwich and Blabla Dolls

By Christy Amular - February 06, 2011

Image from Yvestown

I apologize for the terribly boring blog post title. It's hard to encapsulate random things I love as of the moment in one cohesive post.

Anyway, first stop.

The exquisitely stylish Scandinavian blog Yvestown has published a 2010 yearbook! I've always been a fan of this beautiful blog. How I wish I could  live the stylist life in the picture perfect pages of the yearbook. Everything is impeccably styled and  I love the light and airy feeling I get when I look at Yvonne's gorgeous still life photos of her home and objects d' art. You can preview the yearbook here or purchase the book as a style guide and decorating inspiration.

Image from Uguisu Blog

Ebony Bizys's Hello Sandwich Gift Wrapping Zine looks fabulous! What a great guide to help you  channel your inner gift wrapping maven.  Visit the Hello Sandwich blog for more inspiration and Japanese goodies to ogle at.

Image from Blablaap.co.kr

Oh cute, I've been very intrigued with  Pil Sook's Jason doll  in the currently airing k-drama Dream High! Pil Sook looks so adorable clutching this doll like a security blanket. Anyway it turns out this doll is an Otto Blabla doll, a fair trade, eco-friendly doll made of Peruvian Pima cotton. Given Pil Sook's quirky adorable-ness in the said drama, this doll is fast becoming a hot commodity (at least for k-drama drama lovers). See more Blabla cuteness on the Blabla portal.  

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