Last chance to enter the NOVICA $75 gift certificate giveaway

By Christy Amular - March 14, 2011

Where else can you find unique and hard-to-find fair trade and artisan made gift items but on NOVICA?

The NOVICA $75 gift certificate giveaway will end on Wednesday, March 16, 2011 and this is your last chance to enter this extraordinary giveaway. Enter the giveaway now for a chance to shop $75 worth [item +shipping] of gorgeous handcrafted items not found elsewhere.  These are just some of the wonderful gifts on NOVICA that await you...

A secretive expression courses through the smooth details of this mask. One finger appears raised to his lips, asking for a moment's discretion. The abstractly balanced composition comes from the imagination of Nyoman Naranata, who uses hibiscus wood to create a vision of natural intrigue. A hand-carved masterpiece for the home collection. 

Jacaranda wood lends its extraordinary beauty to this quena flute. Crafted by hand, it is a legacy of the Inca, an indispensable instrument in today's traditional Peruvian music. Benito Tito perforates holes of different widths to ensure a sweet sound and tunes it to 440. The mouthpiece is carved from bone and its case emulates pre-Hispanic textiles.

Blue topaz flower necklace, 'Sacred Blue Lotus'

Prized for its purity, the lotus lives in muddy water yet is untouchably wholesome and clean; thus it reflects the highest expression of beauty. Nyoman Rena creates the pristine flower as a sterling silver pendant necklace, centered by a glowing blue topaz.

Set amid swirling tendrils, a perfect orchid poises delicately as a stickpin. Danai designs beautiful jewelry from natural blossoms. Immortalized in sterling silver, the pink rock orchid emanates its ethereal radiance.

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