Apothecary Apple and Aphrodite

By Christy Amular - April 09, 2011

I love handmade scents! There are lots of wonderful artisan perfumers on ETSY but my favorite has got to be Poison Apple Potions. Angela really has the talent in weaving fairy tales and legends into dark and delicious olfactory realities. Her fragrance sampler tins are a wonderful treat if you are still in the process of finding your signature scent. I think I might just have found mine.

Aphrodite's Love Elixir is a brew blended using the same components woven together to create the goddess- essences of sea salt, chilly ocean mist, and soft watery blooms. So very spring like! (This is a favorite!)

Gwyllion, a Welsh mythology inspired scent takes you away to rain kissed mountains. The scent is a mingling of clear mountain air, hillside wildflowers, icy rain, and fallen pine needles.

Meanwhile apothecary apple evokes the scent of a lovely autumn harvest apple smothered in sugary red candy confection then finished off with the slightest touch of absinthe and sugar. A deliciously dark and tempting fragrance just like the poison apples of legend. It's autumn in a bottle!

Oh, it's also chocolate bunny season! Hop over to Metro Candy for wonderful wholesale easter candy treats. Happy weekend!

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  1. How lovely...I shall have to make some visits!....Susan x

  2. Cool! I just did a preliminary review of Poison Apple yesterday =D It's great to see some more <3


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