How does your (soul) garden grow?

By Christy Amular - April 04, 2011

Hello everyone! Let's celebrate the spirit of spring with some green thumb inspired projects and inspirational (not to mention angelic) cultivate-your-inner-garden reading to set your intention for a productive week. 

Have a beautiful week! 

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  1. Sweet sweet SWEET Post!

    Have a happy new week, Christy xxxxx

  2. Lovely inspiration...I am definitely going to have a herb garden this year...!
    Susan x

  3. Those are useful tips, really informative. Thanks for sharing. Great post!

  4. Thank you so much for you sweet words about Styled! I love the Martha mother's day basket!

  5. What fine treasures for Spring planting. I love the sprout a couch project, simply amazing also the plant markers are cute. Loveliness.

  6. These are VERY fun finds, Christy... especially the green spouted sofa! ;o) Happy Days ((HUGS))


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