Bunnies in the Mail + CHRISTMAS 2011 NOEL Fabric Collection by Valerie Greeley

By Christy Amular - May 11, 2011

I received some glad Easter tidings in the mail this week!  I was so surprised and utterly delighted to receive these gorgeous Easter cards from my blog friend Valerie of Acornmoon.  Thank you Valerie!

These sweet cards and prints are just some of her amazing  creations as a watercolor artist, surface designer and illustrator. You can view Valerie's beautiful portfolio here. Isn't she so amazing and inspiring?


Images from Valerie Greeley

Valerie has also recently completed her Christmas quilt fabric designs for Makower UK. Her collection is entitled Noel and features meticulously detailed  traditional Christmas patterns and designs in gorgeous holiday color schemes. There are only 226 quilting days to go before Christmas!  

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