Matryoshka party printable from Babalisme

By Christy - June 19, 2011

Image from Babalisme

The sweet, folksy character that we all love in craftland is here to stay! Recently a popularity contest between Matryoshka and Petite Poupee was held at Babalisme blog to select the printable theme for June. As much as I adore the charming Petite Poupee, Matryoshka still emerged as the runaway winner. Sorry Petite Poupee, I'm sure someday your time will come. It will take time before you can dethrone Le Grand Dame Matryoshka.

Come and visit Babalisme blog to download the adorable matryoshka party printable. Print and party away!

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  1. They look totally in with the summer loving colours. Sunshine all of them!

  2. Thank you so much for the post! We had so much fun voting, but alas, the Queen can't be dethroned right away. :) So sorry that your choice didn't win, I'd think of better contestants next year!


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