Weekend Inspiration

By Christy Amular - June 04, 2011

Every bite is a surprise.

-A Blind Man

Our ability to be surprised is the measure of our aliveness.If we are numb, if we take things for granted, then we are dead; but to those who are alive to life's surprises, death lies behind not ahead. To live life open to surprise, in spite of all that is dying around us, makes us even more alive.

Sister Stan, Gardening the Soul

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  1. what a darling picture of cupcakes. your blog is darling, i'm happy to join as your newest follower so i don't miss one of your 'sweet tidings' of home made fun.


  2. Oh my goodness, I don't normally comment but these are SO CUTE! ;0) Really, they are. ;0)

  3. Just found your sweet blog...happy dance! xoxoxo Love the words you shared today.

  4. Aw..now I'm hungry, they look so delicious! :-)


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