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Summer Sale at Hampton Blue

Check out Hampton Blue's Summer Sale! The shabby chic style online shop offers has a wonderful assortment of bargain price jewelry,  home deco and gifts to celebrate and enjoy the summer season. Hampton Blue's new products are oh so tempting as well.

Hampton Blue Blog

Wednesday Wisdom

No matter how old you get, if you can keep the desire to be creative, you're keeping the man-child alive. 
-John Cassavetes

Stitching Pretty

It's been a while since I've done embroidery crafts. These craft books should inspire me to get stitchin' soon!

My Kawaii

My mini kawaii haul! These cute stationery supplies make journal/diary writing so much fun!

LIttle Black Book

Calling notebook and journal lovers!

Bags of Love, the personalized gift company that offers gorgeous anniversary gift ideas has a cute product for notebook and journal lovers. Personalized pocket notebooks such as secret or little black books make awesome gifts for friends and even for yourself. Bags of Love can personalize your notebook with any text or image you like. Treat yourself to your very own personalized notebook today!

My Recipe Notes

Coconut Madeleine recipe from The Martha Stewart Cookbook

Do you have a recipe notebook? I don't keep index card recipes  inside recipe boxes anymore as mine tend to gather dust. Nowadays I like filling cute, kawaii notebooks with wonderful recipes I collect from all over--magazines, can labels and the web.

These are some of the my favorite recipe sites from the web:

Home Cooking with Susan Branch- Artist, illustrator and domestic diva Susan Branch dishes out wonderful, heartwarming home style recipes on her charming watercolor painted blog. Check out Susan's delicious picnic menu!

Vanilla Bean Blog- The talented baker, crafter and photographer Sarah of Threaded Basil has a new gorgeous food blog that's brimming with  luscious photos and delicious recipes. Visit the blog to try yummy recipes such as Vegan Chocolate Cupcakes  and Banana Cream Pie.

K-Drama Food- A fun and entertaining food blog written by a K-drama addict! I blame my acquired taste for jjajamyun and instant ra…

Mosaic Monday: Kawaii Tea Time


Beautiful Matryoshka Must-Haves

Image from Fancy Flours

Cookie Cutter Matryoshka Nesting Dolls
 Image from Galison

Russian Dolls Tin Coaster Set

Image from candy Stripe Cloud

Mini Wooden Matryoshka Figure
 Image from Pink Cat Shop

Russian Dolls - Matryoshka Headphones
Image from Beadesaurus

Six Bunnies Matryoshka Russian Dolls Pink Kid's T-Shirt

Image from The Kawaii Notebook 

Fabric Matryoshka Reversible Pencil Case

Image from Kenzo

Flower by Kenzo perfume inside matryoshka doll 

 Image from The Small Object

The Nesting Dolls Rubber Stamp Set

Image from Zazzle

Russian Matryoshka Custom Shoes

Matryoshka decorative figurines

Craftdom's most popular celebrity isn't showing signs of slowing down. In fact, she's getting more popular than ever! See her in a variety of novelty items and gifts. Looking forward to seeing a matryoshka umbrella soon!

N.E.E.T Summer

It's summertime and the readin' is easy!

Add N.E.E.T magazine to your summer online reading list. The summer edition features unique and indie handmade finds, gift guides, lifestyle and travel recommendations for the vintage inclined fashionista and craftista.

Find more grassroots creativity and inspiration on the N.E.E.T Blog.

Handmade Summer Craft Days: Kawaii Doodle Party Balloons Tutorial

Summer is all about blue skies, sunshine and yes, colorful balloons! Add  fun and whimsy to plain colored balloons by decorating them with hand drawn  face expressions ala kawaii.  Smile, wink, play!

Kawaii Doodle Party Balloons

DIY balloon kit/Purchased balloons Permanent marker

1. Use DIY balloon kit or purchase some colorful balloons.

2. Using black permanent marker pen, draw or doodle kawaii face expressions onto balloons. Get as creative as you can!

3. Your kawaii balloons are now ready for decorating your party!

Mollie Makes Crafts

There's always room for another kind of craft magazine--the one that's made for people who love the crafty life. If you walk, talk and breathe craft then you'd love Mollie Makes. It's a brand new lifestyle and craft magazine that was recently launched in the UK. I really love the philosophy behind the magazine.

Have a look at the sample pages of the magazine. So pretty, right?

Joy of Handmade: Bonjour Bag from Joli et Simple

I love my special handmade bag from Joli et Simple! Cathy is opening her new ETSY shop soon and she'll be offering her gorgeous Japanese style handmade bags, pouches and purses for sale. Hope you check it out!

Mosaic Monday: Red, White and Blue


Handmade Summer Craft Days: Doily Jam Cover Tutorial

Here's a dainty way to dress up jam jars for those summer tea parties. Cover a jar lid with doily and cap it off with a printed glassine cupcake wrapper. Tie securely in place with a jute twine for a natural effect.

Happy weekend!

Felt Bunny Hat for Little Dolls + July Crafting

Happy July! What will you be creating this month?

If you're looking for easy craft projects this japanese DIY website is for you! Translate the site in google so you can explore many wonderful projects such as handmade stationery, rag doll making,  DIY wrapping, sewing, crafting and knitting and many more. While browsing the site, I found this lovely Japanese style felt bunny hat tutorial and I just had to give it a try. Now my dolls look cozy in their bunny hats!

Here are additional projects I want to make:

Photo credit
Colorful paper umbrella ornament

Photo credit

Masking tape hook
Photo credit
Decorated security envelopes
Photo credit
Sewing machine letter set

Photo credit
Stylish Embellished Kraft Notebook

Photo credit

Fabric scrunchie

Happy weekend!