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By Christy Amular - July 12, 2011

 Coconut Madeleine recipe from The Martha Stewart Cookbook

Do you have a recipe notebook? I don't keep index card recipes  inside recipe boxes anymore as mine tend to gather dust. Nowadays I like filling cute, kawaii notebooks with wonderful recipes I collect from all over--magazines, can labels and the web.

These are some of the my favorite recipe sites from the web:

Home Cooking with Susan Branch- Artist, illustrator and domestic diva Susan Branch dishes out wonderful, heartwarming home style recipes on her charming watercolor painted blog. Check out Susan's delicious picnic menu!

Vanilla Bean Blog- The talented baker, crafter and photographer Sarah of Threaded Basil has a new gorgeous food blog that's brimming with  luscious photos and delicious recipes. Visit the blog to try yummy recipes such as Vegan Chocolate Cupcakes  and Banana Cream Pie.

K-Drama Food- A fun and entertaining food blog written by a K-drama addict! I blame my acquired taste for jjajamyun and instant ramyun because of these dramas.   

Tastespotting- a visual smorgasbord of the trendiest, most-happening food recipes. I can stay on this site all day!

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  1. i like to get a big art journal and write, paint and paste my favorite recipes. it is such a joy to look through and i hope it will last for one of my kids to use in their kitchen someday....

  2. One day I will get this job done, it is on my "To Do List."

    Great links as always.

  3. Kawaii!!! I had a recipe book once, but after 3-4 recipes I quit writing into it, damn my lazy self

  4. Cuuute notebook! Where did you get it? I made myself a scrapbook type notebook once, I was drawing and writing my recipes in it. Fell down on the job though and haven't finished it. I should. :)


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