Cats vs Human book is now available

By Christy Amular - October 08, 2011

Remember the pretty and talented Yasmine of A Print a Day and Parasol Mag ? I love her amazing graphic and surface design skills but sadly she had to delete her blog and online craft magazine site due to a lot of people copy infringing on her designs. She has always wanted to create an online comic and so Cat vs Human was born. Through her charming drawings, Yasmine shared her life as a crazy cat lady (her words!) to feline loving humans everywhere. Her illustration/comic strip blog became a runaway hit and so Cat vs Human is now in book form! Woohoo and meow!!

Better hurry and buy the book as it might run out of stock due to its immense popularity! If you are or know someone who is crazy cute in love with adorable felines, Yasmine's book is the best gift suggestion.

Cat vs Human is available on Amazon, Andrews McMeel, Barnes and Noble and at your local friendly bookstore. Also check out the  Cats vs Human store for adorable merchandise. If you happen to swing by Alameda, California today Yasmine has a book signing and mini talk at Book Inc.

Congratulations Yasmine!

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  1. I remember Yasmine, and am really happy for her for this book release - and wish her much success. She gave so much to crafters and the blog community; I miss A Print A Day, but understand that all of us must move to greener pastures - and hope that hers are just that: much greener and better!

  2. aw thanks guys. i miss doing a print a day too. but one day i shall bring it back. just taking a break from it, i guess :)


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