Halloween Diet Fix: The Slimline Magic Spell

By Christy - October 24, 2011

Thank you to all who joined my Fanciful Halloween Party 2011! I hope you got a bit of spooky fright. As I visited many fanciful halloween parties (the halloween partiers are listed on Vanessa's blog) , I ate too many cupcakes, candy corn and chocolate bars. Eeeek!

If you end up overindulging in halloween sweets and cookies and conventional dieting wouldn't work, try the quick  Slimline Spell from Spells for Self Improvement by Lauren White.

The cute little book is filled with charming illustrations and easy spells for a fun and charmed life.

Disclaimer: This fun, creative spell is for pure fun and entertainment. I cannot guarantee you will lose those last 10 pounds. But who knows, it might work!

You can make your own halloween spell book too. Jojoebi at A Bit of This and a Bit of That has a Spooky Spell Book tutorial. Abracadabra!!!

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  1. maybe i'll give it a try ;)
    but i just bought a bunch of cupcake mix to make cupcakes for my sunday school kiddies! yummmo


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