Relaxing at Rilakumma Cafe

By Christy Amular - October 25, 2011

Would you like some Rilakumma Chocolate and Coffee? Do you prefer bitter or sweet?  Take a moment to enjoy and savor  a little Rilakumma moment.

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  1. omygoshie, i want to go! reminds me of hello kitty cafe in hongdae :)

    btw, i just carved pumpkins and i thought, christy would love this! :) xx

  2. Oh, what a wonderful Rilakumma moment - the little video is just so cute! Yes, it reminds me, too, of some of the cafes in the Japanese shopping malls in HK :) There was one decorated like a Snow White cottage, with wooden 'windows' with heart-shaped shutters and lacy, checkered curtains... those little sweet and savoury buns, and the smell of coffee... - thank you (for the memories)!!
    P.S. I noticed your new banner, with the autumn rain touch, how kawaii! ;)


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