Spreading Sunshine and Making Stars

By Christy - October 14, 2011

Suddenly things are brighter around here!

Thanks to Clara of Bloomize who sent me this very sweet Lemon Toffee Sunshine Bracelet as a  memento from her recent 4th blog anniversary. Thank you Clara!  This bracelet will bring smiles and sunshine to my cloudy days! You can see more of Clara's beautiful bracelets here and the wonderful story behind it.

Also, not to missed is Clara's amazing origami star tutorial. Create a galaxy of stars to brighten up the night!

Image from Bloomize

Let's spread sunshine! Happy Friday!

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  1. Such a nice, bright surprise! There was something so energising about seeing all that yellow of the first photo in my rss feed. Indeed, let us spread sunshine, and kudos to Clara for spreading the cheer! :)


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