Wednesday, November 30, 2011

A-Toy-A- Day Keeps the Blues Away

No one is too old to play with paper toys! Visit Toy-A-Day to pick, print, play and display your favorite characters. My favorites are old school, classic characters like Nancy (my all time fave), Snoopy, The Little Prince and Popeye among others. Where is Fido Dido, He-Man, Felix the Cat and The Three Stooges? Would love to see them as paper toys.

What character makes you smile?

Simply Christmas Guest Post and Tutorial at Shabby Art Boutique

Hello there! Want to know how to make that sweet and whimsical Little Red Riding Hood Doll-head Ornament ? Hop over to Shabby Art Boutique to read my guest post and download the pattern.  Don't forget to leave a comment  in the guest post as I'm giving away that ornament simply handmade by me.  Check out the past Simply Christmas guest posters  for more of their amazing craft ideas. 

Also, thank you to all who joined the Collageit for Mac OS X software giveaway! I have emailed  all the winners for their software download link and registration code.

Oh, today's the end of my birthday month. How fast time flies!

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

The Carpe DIYem Movement

Do you love one-of-a-kind products?   Do you like making things with your own hands? Then join the Carpe DIYem campaign spearheaded by European handmade online shopping mall Dawanda. If you're new to the handmade scene, here are some of Dawanda's compelling reasons why you should embrace the DIY lifestyle today:

  • Life and soul is breathed into each product during the development process, as it's not a faceless, mass-produced operation.
  • Products are often locally sourced and produced, which saves energy and is good for the environment.
  • Handmade items come in a wide variety of styles and types. The idea for a product can come from any single designer, and is not driven by media or market forces.
  • Traditional handcraft techniques are kept alive, improved upon and passed on to others.
  • Handmade products last longer, because designers put more emphasis on quality than on cost effectiveness.
  • Buying handmade products not only keeps your style unique, it's also a testament to the power and importance of being an individual.

Live and Let DIY!

Printable 2011 Simply Christmas Planner

I just downloaded an adorably illustrated  printable  2011 Christmas Planner from Shabby Art Boutique. It's going to be a very helpful tool in keeping one's sanity during the holidays when there's cooking, baking, decorating, handmaking and shopping to juggle. The planner includes a monthly calendar diary, Christmas budget,gift list, handmade gift list, wishlists, shopping lists, holiday and Christmas Day menu plan, card list and  more. You can relieve your holiday stress by coloring the illustrations--I really think it's meant for that!

Check out my guest post and tutorial on Shabby Art Boutique tomorrow.  I promise it's something cute!

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Handpicked Holiday Gifts for Her, Him and Home

Images from The Handpicked Collection

Clueless when it comes to holiday gift giving? Check out the Handpicked Collection for some of the most amazing, totally unique gifts chosen by an expert panel composed of  lifestyle journalists, trendsetters and entrepreneurs.  With handpicked gifts you can't go wrong.

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Elf Boot Christmas Stocking

Oh my,  I'm on a roll making Christmas stockings!  This Elf Boot Stocking is made from Family Fun's super easy pattern which you can whip up in 2 hours (mine is 100% handstitched). I think the pattern will work well for quilt type fabrics too. This stocking is roomy enough in case someone wants to give me a pet bunny or cat for Christmas. ;)

Happy weekend!

Sweet Weekend


Happy weekend! I can't believe November is wrapping up pretty fast. Are you ready for the holidays? I know I'm not. :)

I'll be spending this weekend catching up on my holiday craft projects--plenty of sewing and stitching and listening to lots of relaxing music  from  Afternoon Tea for Joy compilation and my favorite k-indie band Fanny Fink. Oh, how I love this sweet song!

Friday, November 25, 2011

Scandinavian Style Crafts- Part Deux

This is part 2 of the Scandinavian holiday craft projects that I started early this year. The Swedish Dala Horse Stocking is made from Allsorts' adorable free pattern. Meanwhile the Tree Treasure ornaments  are made from  Clare Young's Scandinavian Needlecraft book. The Dala Horse Felt Sugar Cookie Ornaments are inspired by my favorite cookie cutter shape. Hmm, speaking of cookies... decorated sugar cookie pops are my favorite holiday indulgence. I just have to buy myself a cute cookie pop every week. :)

You may want to check out the zakka stitchery and rubber stamp patterns that I preciously shared. They're great for small ornament projects. Don't forget to visit the Simply Christmas blog event happening at  Shabby Art Boutique. I'm going to have a guest post early next week.

Happy weekend!

Sunny Style Happy Christmas

Party mug with candy cane spoon

Aww. Cute Christmas decor and tableware from Sunny Style. The camp fire tea light is just so adorable! 

If you're thinking of doing some kawaii shopping for the holidays, check out Modes4U's Black Friday Sale! Hurry because this offer only happens today! 

Happy Friday!

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Thank you so much !

To my blog friends and sweet readers (old and new),

handmade card made with vintage quilt pattern, matte sticker paper and rubber stamp

And to those in the States--Happy Thanksgiving!



Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Danielle Thompson's 55 Days of Vintage Christmas

Stroll down holiday memory lane with Danielle Thompson's 55 Days of Vintage Christmas!

Being a child of the mid 70's, this retro Christmas collective just brings back nostalgic memories for me. From colored foil tinsels to kitschy paper tree top angels, Christmases way back then were just so full-on disco bling bling! My favorite retro Christmas memory was my knee high striped Christmas sock ala Pippi Longstocking  (in lieu of Christmas stockings) that my folks hung by the window to be filled with tiny gifts and treats around Christmas eve.

Long live the spirit of vintage Christmas! I'll definitely be crafting along and making use of my growing vintage BHG Christmas books this year.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Inspired Ideas Christmas 2011

Yippee! I just subscribed to  Amy Powers' Inspired Ideas Christmas 2011 issue and I love everything about it. 

The holiday DIY projects featured  in this issue  are just stunning. I love the cute Mary Engelbreit elf tags (check out the ones I glammed up above), candy bouquet, easy bird ornaments, miniature Christmas and Nutcracker Suite  projects among others. I have to say that the bright and oh-so-cheery style of this magazine really brings me holiday joy. :)

Get your copy today and get craft happy!

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Decorate a Gingerbread House + Elf Love

It's playtime! Decorate a gingerbread cottage to your heart's content over at Jenny Harris' porftfolio website.  Hmm, I  like the way how my gingerbread house turned out.  I've always wanted to create a jelly bean Christmas tree anway.

Images from Jenny Harris

You can also find an elfishly cute jolly holiday list printable on Jenny blog Allsorts. Speaking of elves, I just spied the cutest elf patterns ever from the Wee Wonderfuls Shop! Aren't these dolls excruciatingly sweet?

Image from Wee Wonderfuls/Hillary Lang

You may also want to do an elf stitchette embroidery project  from Wee Wonderfuls just like the ones I made a few years ago. 

Happy Sunday!

Saturday, November 19, 2011

A Gnome's Christmas

My Christmas crafting has started!

Inspired by the book A Gnome's Christmas I made a set of Mr. and Mrs. Gnome made of wooden doll pegs and scraps of leftover felt, buttons and fabric. Wooden doll pegs are one of my favorite crafting materials. A couple of years ago I made a natural Christmas creche and a winter spool gnome doll. To say the least, I am gnome obsessed!

For more Christmas crafts, check out my tutorials page. Have a wonderful weekend!