The Blog Soundtrack Project

By Christy - November 15, 2011

Spinnerette Turntable Red by Crosley Radio

Shouldn't life have background music? What about a blog soundtrack? I've put together this eclectic compendium of tracks which I know pretty much summarizes my moods and feelings when I'm writing this blog. Hope you enjoy the music!

What's your blog life soundtrack?

1.Casker-Good Memories
2.Tycho- Cloud Generator
3. Lullatone- Leaves Falling
4. Fuji Kureta- Bonjour
5. Jack Johnson-Better Together
6. The Cure- Friday I'm in Love
7. The Doors- Soul Kitchen
8. Insula Dulcamara- Camini
9. Oren Lavie- Her Morning Elegance
10. Hall and Oates-You Make My Dreams
11. Keisuke Egusa- Summer Samba
12. Zoe Keating- Sun Will Set

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  1. thanks for the soundtrack! i'm actually making my own playlist for the drive to vegas :)

  2. What a beautiful list! The Cure, Hall and Oates - wonderful! I also love what is for me a discovery of Lullatone, thank you so much for sharing. I've compiled a brief list in response to your question, which you can find <a href=">here</a>. This was so much fun :)


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