Danielle Thompson's 55 Days of Vintage Christmas

By Christy Amular - November 23, 2011

Stroll down holiday memory lane with Danielle Thompson's 55 Days of Vintage Christmas!

Being a child of the mid 70's, this retro Christmas collective just brings back nostalgic memories for me. From colored foil tinsels to kitschy paper tree top angels, Christmases way back then were just so full-on disco bling bling! My favorite retro Christmas memory was my knee high striped Christmas sock ala Pippi Longstocking  (in lieu of Christmas stockings) that my folks hung by the window to be filled with tiny gifts and treats around Christmas eve.

Long live the spirit of vintage Christmas! I'll definitely be crafting along and making use of my growing vintage BHG Christmas books this year.

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  1. Wow, what a great link! Nothing like a stroll down memory lane at the holidays... "Disco bling" ...immediately reminded me of that show "Solid Gold" with their shiny dance numbers...
    We used to string lights round the trunk *and* around it!
    Happy crafting!


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