Mosaic Monday: Books and Coffee

By Christy - November 07, 2011

1. Coffee Common Scout Books at TED 2011, 2. coffee, 3. breakfast, 4. minutes to midnight, 5. C&M Books and Coffee: Custom Mugs!, 6. Tea/Coffee and Books..., 7. I am on your side. (EXPLORED! #65, Aug 9, 2011), 8. Day 336: Coffee here, 9. crunch some numbers

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  1. What a delightful collection of photos this Monday! It matches this (extremely) windy and grey morning perfectly as I sip my coffee and check my rss feed. I love how some of the photos have a yellow, candle-light glow - that by reading and enjoying a beverage, one can find an inner light!

  2. books and coffee. two of my favorite things :)


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